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Baby Boy Diaper Cake

Baby Boy Diaper Cake Our exclusive Baby Boy Diaper Cake Diaper Cakes San Diego, Baby Shower Gifts San Diego New Baby Diaper Cakes by House of Stemms | Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Diaper cakes are a unique baby gift for the new mom and can be used as a beautiful centerpiece for the baby shower gift table. Our diaper cakes are a huge hit at every baby shower and are the most creative corporate baby gift you can find. You’ll be sure to impress everyone who receives this unique new baby gift. Our exclusive Baby Boy Diaper Cakes are put together in a blue theme with a touch of white and yellow and can be presented as a unique new baby boy gift!

When shopping around, you’ll find that our diaper cakes are not the cheapest but they are much better quality plus wider and taller than the rest. We also use only the highest quality ingredients in our cakes, such as Huggies pampers and many other brand name products. In addition, we have all the fun toppings including blankets, bottles, bibs, teethers, baby bottles, rattles and the list goes on. Our cakes are not just diapers and ribbons. We do not use glue or tape so every diaper and all of the baby items on the diaper cake are usable and in perfect condition. Our cakes have been a hit at hundreds of baby showers due to the simple fact that they are beautiful and made with only the highest quality products. Oh.. and did we mention that our designers have fashion background?! So.. Yes, it will be unique, beautiful and worth every penny.

First tier is made out of size one diapers, second and third consist of sizes two and three.

Standard size – 2 tier cake (Approximately 60 diapers plus our fun toppings)
Deluxe size – 3 tier cake (Approximately 75 diapers plus more of our fun toppings)
Premium size – 4 tier cake (as shown) (Approximately 90 diapers plus much more as our fun toppings)

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not available for a same day delivery, please allow at least 1-2 business days for a preparation of your order.