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Elegant Crystal Blanca Lilies

Elegant Crystal Blanca Lilies Casa Blanca Lily | Crystal Blanca Lily | Order White Oriental Lilies for Delivery in San Diego CA Elegant Blooms of the Crystal Blanca Lily

Crystal Blanca Lily is similar to the famous Casa Blanca but with a slightly larger blossoms. These large White Oriental Lilies are so classically elegant, they're sure to turn any occasion into an idyllic one. Our Crystal Blanca Lily bouquet is hand arranged and delivered in a clear glass designer vase. Standard size is approximately 17in (W) x 28in (H). Deluxe and Premium versions are larger, feature more lilies and larger glass vases.

Standard – 6 Stems of Crystal Blanca Lilies (Each stem has 2-3 blooms) - As Shown
Deluxe – 9 Stems of Crystal Blanca Lilies (Each stem has 2-3 blooms)
Premium – 12 Stems of Crystal Blanca Lilies (Each stem has 2-3 blooms)

Please Note: Upon delivery most lilies will be in bud form to ensure freshness and extended flower's life span. As with any lily, the stamens should be plucked off as soon as they present themselves from within the flower. This will enhance the life of the flower and prevent staining from the pollen.

Care Tips: Place your bouquet in a cool location. Don't put the arrangement in direct sunlight, near heating or cooling vents, in drafty places, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. Check water level daily, keep the vase full with clean water. Change water every 2-3 days and apply a sharp fresh cut to the stems. This process will ensure extended flower's life span.