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Flower Crown - Child size

Flower Crown - Child size Flower crowns custom made for you  |  Child size flower crown by House of Stemms  |  San Diego CA Orange carnations and Baby's Breath are just one of many custom options available for Flower Crowns by House of Stemms Custom-made Child size flower crown with ribbon train by House of Stemms  |  San Diego CA

Wedding? Festival? Family photo day?!? Whatever the event or occasion, a flower crown makes an awesome accessory.

Flower crowns have become increasingly popular in recent years, as their whimsical nature is perfect for girly girls who want to feel extra girly :) Each crown we make is a unique blend of flowers based on your budget and desied palette/flowers. Give us a call at 619.237.8842 to discuss your custom crown!

Standard - Baby's Breath + Greenery
Deluxe - Mixed Flowers + Greenery
Premium - Mixed Flowers + Greenery PLUS Ribbon Train

These crowns are sized/priced for a child's head. Adult size flower crowns are also available - click here!!