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Luxurious Stargazer Lilies

Luxurious Stargazer Lilies Stargazer Lilies | Oriental Pink Stargazer Lilies | Order Stargazer Lilies for Delivery in San Diego CA Premium Version of Stargazer Lily Bouquet | One Dozen of Oriental Pink Stargazer Lilies hand arranged with fresh garden greens in a designer clear glass vase

The Stargazer Lily is undoubtedly one of the world's most romantic flowers. Throughout history, Lilies have inspired storytellers, poets and artists and been used to make fine perfumes, cosmetics and anti-aging creams. These premium Pink Stargazer Lilies boast stems bearing two to three luxurious flower buds. Heavenly scented and angelically gorgeous, this simple yet elegant arrangement will be appreciated by even the most sophisticated recipient. This delicate, bold and fragrant bouquet comes hand arranged in a clear glass vase with a beautiful bow. Standard size is approximately 17in (W) x 28in (H). Deluxe and Premium versions are larger and feature more blooms along with larger glass vases.

Standard– 6 Stems of Stargazer Lilies (Each stem has 2-3 blooms) - Clear Glass Vase
Deluxe– 9 Stems of Stargazer Lilies (Each stem has 2-3 blooms) - Clear Glass Vase
Premium– 12 Stems of Stargazer Lilies (Each stem has 2-3 blooms) - Clear Glass Vase

Please Note: Upon delivery most lilies will be in bud form to ensure freshness and extended flower's life span. As with any lily, the stamens should be plucked off as soon as they present themselves from within the flower. This will enhance the life of the flower and prevent staining from the pollen.

Care Tips: Place your bouquet in a cool location. Don't put the arrangement in direct sunlight, near heating or cooling vents, in drafty places, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. Check water level daily, keep the vase full with clean water. Change water every 2-3 days and apply a sharp fresh cut to the stems. This process will ensure extended flower's life span.