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Miltonia Orchid Plant

Miltonia Orchid Plant Charming and luxurious, this premium quality Miltonia orchid plant is sure to make a statement.

We support our local orchid farms and it helps us to provide you with the best quality Miltonia Orchid Plants that are available for delivery in the San Diego CA area almost year-round. Often called Pansy Orchids because their flat-faced, open flowers resemble pansies in shape and markings, these charming plants are known to bloom profusely. Like all orchids, Miltonias have a graceful appearance and represent love, beauty and luxury. Orchid plant is delivered in a ceramic container. Overall size is approximately 12in (W) x 18in (H).

Please Note: Container design / color may vary from the photo.

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Care Tips: Keep soil moist, water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch - usually every 5 to 7 days. Prefers a bright light location, do not expose to direct sun. Place in a warm location, higher humidity preferred.