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Navy Blue Roses

Navy Blue Roses Long Stem Blue Roses Hand Arranged in a Vase by House of Stemms | Available for Delivery in San Diego CA One Dozen of Long Stem Blue Roses | Premium Ecuadorian Long Stem Blue Roses | Order Securely Online or Call 619-237-8842 Order Blue Roses for Delivery in San Diego CA | Buy Blue Roses in San Diego

These long stem dyed Blue Roses are so popular we cannot seem to keep enough of them in stock. We get several shipments per week and the demand is growing on weekly basis. The reason we believe they are so popular is because they are very unique and the colors are very vibrant and eye catching.

Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, or celebration, our long stem dyed Blue Roses carefully selected by our designers and hand arranged professionally in a clear glass designer vase would not go wrong. This unique Blue Rose bouquet is arranged with Gypsophila (Baby's Breath) and fresh garden greens. Standard size is approximately 18in (W) x 26in (H). Deluxe and Premium versions are larger and feature more Blue Roses along with larger glass vases.

Standard – 12 Ecuadorian Long Stem Dyed Blue Roses (As Shown) - Designer Glass Vase
Deluxe – 24 Ecuadorian Long Stem Dyed Blue Roses - Designer Glass Vase
– 48 Ecuadorian Long Stem Dyed Blue Roses - Designer Glass Vase

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Care Tips: Place your bouquet in a cool location. Don't put the arrangement in direct sunlight, near heating or cooling vents, in drafty places, directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. Check water level daily, keep the vase full with clean water. Change water every 2-3 days and apply a sharp fresh cut to the stems. This process will insure extended flower's life span.

Delivery on Valentine's Day: Our standard $9.99 delivery fee guarantees your flowers to arrive some time between 8am and 7pm on Valentine's Day. You can also schedule a pick up from our store and we will have your order ready at specified time, at no additional cost.

You must provide a valid phone number for both, the recipient and sender. All deliveries to business / office buildings MUST have a suite number provided. All deliveries to residences MUST have a unit number and gate code if it's a gated property / building. This information is required during checkout under Special Instructions, and failure to provide this information will delay your delivery.