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Roses, Callas, Delphinium Bridal

Roses, Callas, Delphinium Bridal House of Stemms specializes in custom bridal bouquets for weddings in San Diego, CA. Bridal Bouquet of White Ecuadorian Roses, White Mini Calla Lilies and Blue Delphinium. Matching Bridesmaid Bouquets in White and Blue Colors Matching Pin-On White Mini Calla Lily Wedding Corsages Matching Custom Wedding Boutonnieres

Bridal bouquet of premium Ecuadorian Roses, imported Mini Calla Lilies and Delphinium. All of these blooms are put together in a white and blue theme but can be customized.

Deluxe package includes Bridal and Toss Bouquet

All of our bridal bouquets are custom made and we can always customize them to meet your needs. Order your bridal bouquet online or come in for a wedding consultation (by appointment) and let us design a bouquet of your dreams. Contact Us Online or Call 619-237-8842 today.