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Wine Bottle Succulent Garden

Wine Bottle Succulent Garden Order wine bottle succulent garden for delivery in San Diego CA | House of Stemms 619-237-8842

Add some life to any room and make people stop and take notice. These handcrafted wine bottle succulent gardens are very unique and eye catching. Use them as a centerpiece for your dining room table, wedding decor, kitchen table, kitchen window, bar, patio table or even your desk. Each set includes a chain link standing wine bottle holder! Overall size of the arrangement is 11in (H) x 12in (W).

~ Bohemian-style wine bottle planter
~ Bottle drains for easy watering
~ Great for indoors and outdoors
~ Drought-tolerant perennial plants
~ Plants grow all year round

Please Note: Succulent types may vary from what is shown in photos.

Care Tips: Succulents can last for years and thrive in most environments without needing much care. Keep soil moist, water thoroughly when soil is dry to touch - usually every 5 to 7 days. Place in a warm location, higher humidity preferred.