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Zanzibar Gem Plant

Zanzibar Gem Plant Gorgeous Greens of the Zanzibar Gem Plant Order Zanzibar Gem Plant for Delivery in San Diego CA area

Green thumb? Black thumb? Doesn't matter - this is one hard to kill house plant! Native to Africa, the Zanzibar Gem is quite resilient against drought, neglect, dry air, low light and bugs, making them an ideal plant for the dry San Diego climate. Impressively, this hardy plant with its spiraling stems of green foliage also acts as a natural bio-filtration system, purifying the air when kept indoors. This makes it extremely appealing for office environments, retail complexes, retirement communities, hospitals, schools and, of course, homes.

Overall size is 13in (W) x 21in (H). A slow-growing plant, the Zanzibar Gem takes roughly 10 years to reach this mature height!

Care Tips: After receiving the plant, water it to settle any soil made loose on the trip. Keep the plant in indirect sunlight, and be sure to not over-water - just once a month is plenty!